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Anti-Theft System

Metal detection system/ EAS system is a technological method of anti-theft system for retail stores, production factory, libraries……

At the exits of the store, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses whatever items are protected.

With the rising cases of theft, one should keep their premise safe and secured by installing the anti theft system. This security product is suitable to be used in shops, malls, library, production factory, etc.

There is a few products which are in the anti theft system category. These are such as bar code soft tag, hard tag, merchandise scanning, metal detection system, RF detection system and sensor tag.

The detection system is usually set up at the exit of a premise, once a person is detected carrying any metal objects, soft tag bar code, hard tag or sensor tag, the system alarm’s will beep by way of informing its user.

The Anti-Theft System is also a product of our security system that you can not only in your home and office, but also in your car. This is indeed a wonderful product of technology, and you can expect to find a high quality system from our company. As a result, it will not only serve a wonderful purpose, but at the same time, it will also be worth the value of your money. With just an additional Alarm System Malaysia, you can be assured that you will extend and enhance the security of your home, office and car to a great extent.

Bar Code Soft Tag
Handheld Metal Detector
Hard Tag
Metal Detection System
RF Detection System
Merchandise Scanning
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